“As a new manufacturer of medical products, we found it very difficult upon the onset to find experienced representatives interested in handling our newly patented products.  We were extremely fortunate to find HIRA/IMDA at precisely the right time to help elevate our brand.  Since starting, HIRA/IMDA has become a key component in providing our company with not only the professional and ethical representatives that we were seeking, but also in the sharing of industry experience and the valuable distribution channels which have become a major factor in our brand success.  I wouldn’t want to start again without joining HIRA, and I can highly recommend membership to any company regardless of experience level without reservation.”

Dwight J. Devereaux, LUTCF
Hand & Hand Medical

After #28 years as an Independent Manufacturer's Representative representative in the North and South Carolina territory, 2015 was when I finally joined HIRA. It wasn't because I knew many of the HIRA members, current Board members and Past Presidents. It was because I (1) had indirectly benefited from the work of this Healthcare Trade association, even though I had never joined before. (2) it would allow me to visit with my fellow IMRs at the July, 2015 HIRA Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. (3) the HIRA membership allows me to caucus with my fellow IMRS, discuss mutual problems and discuss potential solutions to them (4) self-employment is the greatest opportunity any American citizen can access, and HIRA offers a platform to share successes and disappointments, trends and pitfalls on the horizon. Do you have ALL of the answers to running your own IMR business? If not, try HIRA, join, attend a conference and a year later, see if that decision has proven to be an asset to your business and to your family. Okay? Just one take-away from HIRA membership and Conference attendance can have a positive effect on your business and family for years to come. Ex. - One presenter's alert to a future business pothole or stumbling block can help you to avoid a poor decision and make a better one, true?

Bailey Cobbs
Cobbs & Associates

Through the extensive network of HIRA representatives and the “Lines Available” service, I’ve been able to add key lines in the past 18 months that have truly sustained and provided growth for my business.

Most importantly, I appreciate the professionalism of the membership, the camaraderie and their willingness to share experiences and advice. Thank you again.

With kind regards,
Hubert “Hu” Hauser
Principal / Sage Healthcare Representatives, Inc

Please extend my best wishes to Director Charles Higgins. I called after hours and he answered directly! He was exceptionally helpful. He offered excellent advice for best practices to develop and encourage effective relationships with our sales team of independent representatives.

Keep up the great work Charles!

As a manufacturer with independent reps, I find that HIRA is a very helpful resource. At the last HIRA Annual Conference, I found the information very valuable in running our group. I also got some great insights from managers at other companies which are using independents reps.

HIRA also offers with the membership, a free legal consultation. I found Adam, the attorney working with HIRA, to not only have expert knowledge but a nice balance between the legal and business perspectives. 

And, of course, it is a great place to recruit and screen for independent reps who know the medical markets. 

We are glad to be members. 

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