Tips for Writing an Effective "Line Available Ad”

1.       Hold their Attention

      • Keep product description to 100 words or less – they won’t read beyond this.

2.       Focus on Your Ideal Seller

      • The best product descriptions address your ideal seller directly and personally. You should ask and answer questions as if you’re having a conversation with them. Choose words your ideal seller uses. Put all the focus on the IMR - You, Your and You're. Tell them what's in it for them to reply.

3.       Your Product Needs a Powerful Description

  • Describe the details clearly and concisely
  • Highlighting a feature plus a benefit
  • Ex: genuine hand-sewn construction (feature) >> durable comfort (benefit)
  • Let the reader imagine what it would be like to sell your product
  • Avoid” Yeah, Yeah” phrases. When we’re stuck for words and don’t know what else to add to our product description, we often add something bland like "excellent product quality". As soon as someone reads this he/she thinks, “yeah, yeah, of course; that’s what everyone says”
  • Use short, impactful sentences to differentiate your company and product. Provide tangible reasons to enable them to imagine a clear benefit and image of what selling your product will do for them
  • Use specific words - stay away from vague statements and jargon. Describe what sets your product apart from others. don't promise things that you are not able to realistically deliver. 
  • Communicate exactly what results the IMR can expect from selling your product - commission rate, geographic exclusivity, training, tech support, advertising support for leads, samples

4.       What’s in it for THEM?

      • Convince them that they NEED to sell your product, entice them with benefits

5.       What is YOUR Goal?

      • To fill a territory, pioneer selling, establish a customer base, generate leads
In Summary:
You only have a few seconds to grab their attention and create interest.
Put your point across in clear and specific words.
Stimulate interest which causes the IMR to take action to contact you.

Now the real selling begins - your goals and their needs will soon become clear.
From there, you can determine if there is a good fit for both of you. 

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