Don’t compete on price...Compete on value!

Selling into healthcare looks like an obstacle course these days:

  • Providers seek new medical technologies, but they face severe financial constraints.
  • Accounts have built complicated purchasing/vetting processes for suppliers.
  • Clinicians and administrators send mixed signals about their respective goals.
  • Hungry competitors are eager to tap into your market.

At this year’s in-person IMDA/HIRA Annual Conference, Dawson Cochran of ValueSelling Associates™ will suggest ways for IMDA and HIRA members to navigate that obstacle course.

  • It begins with research, that is, learning about the customer.
  • Next comes identifying the goals of the prospect and the challenges that you can solve. (If they don’t have a problem you can solve, move on.)
  • The best way to identify those goals and challenges is through questioning, that is, uncovering information in a conversational and professional way.
  • Most important, focus on the value – that is, the ROI -- you and your organization can bring. Quantify it. Make sure your customer buys into it too.

ValueSelling has been the cornerstone of Dawson Cochran’s sales success for over 20 years. Prior to joining ValueSelling Associates, she was a founding member of Gartner’s inside sales team. In 2010 she and two colleagues created the first Gartner Sales Academy model, which rapidly became and remains the global standard for Gartner’s sales training.

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