The economic well being of our nation is dependent on the efficient movement of goods and services from their producer to the ultimate consumer. The most efficient and cost effective way to accomplish this is through the use of manufacturer's representatives. The experienced professional representative knows his territory and the customers within it. He deals ethically and honorably with his principals and customers. He constantly enhances his knowledge of the product he represents and his ability to manage a successful business, and he strives to enhance the stature of his profession by raising the ability and standards of all its members.

The Health Industry Representative can have no greater guide than the Golden Rule enunciated two thousand years ago: "Whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them."

The Health Industry Representative recognizes these precepts and pledges himself to observe both their essence and spirit in all of his activities and to conduct his business in accordance with the principles set out in this HIRA Code of Ethics.

Article 1

The representative should conduct his firm in a well-managed and fiscally stable manner. In so doing, he will faithfully perform both the letter and spirit of all of his agreements.

Article 2

The representative will conduct all of his business affairs honorably. He will deal truthfully with all he comes in contact with, avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation of concealment of pertinent facts and present the facts accurately in his representations and advertising.

Article 3

The representative will never degrade, malign or make false representations regarding a fellow representative or a manufacturer. He shall not volunteer opinions regarding a competitor. If his opinion is sought and if the representative deems it appropriate to respond, such opinion shall be rendered with strict professional integrity and courtesy.

Article 4

The representative will only agree to represent those lines which he can adequately, fully and fairly handle.

Article 5

For the betterment of his profession, the representative will willingly share the fruits of his knowledge and experience with other health care representatives and with others who can benefit from his knowledge.

Article 6

For the protection of all persons with whom he deals, the representative, to the greatest extent practicable, will see that his business and financial obligations and commitments are in writing. A copy of each written agreement will be given to every party to the agreement.

Article 7

A health care representative will keep himself informed on the products that he represents on all governmental laws and regulations pertaining to his business so that he can provide competent service to his customers and principals.

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