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Representative Member Directory

The annual directory is the most-used sourcebook by manufacturers who are looking for independent sales representatives. All member sales representatives and allied manufacturers are listed; representatives are listed both alphabetically and by state. Representatives may indicate their primary markets. Directories are distributed to all members without charge as a benefit of membership.


This is one of the most compelling reasons to join, yet it is the most intangible. HIRA members share the same basic concerns, problems and successes that you have in your own business. This is part of the "synergy" you receive as a HIRA member. Not only do you meet movers and shakers in the industry, you get to know fellow representatives with whom you have a lot in common.

Consider these comments from HIRA members:

"HIRAs' services, industry updates, introduction to new manufacturers and technical information are all important. But the most significant advantage is networking with compatriots and learning from professionals who are in similar yet non-competitive positions."
Thomas Vollmer, CPMR
Provision Associates, Inc.

"Join now! One great new line obtained from HIRA will more than pay for your membership."
Ross Rankin, CPMR, Past President
Representations L.L.C.

Management Conference

Keynote speakers, panel discussions featuring industry leaders and topical seminars highlight HIRA's Annual Management Conference that is held every year in the summer. Both active and allied members have an opportunity to learn, network, and stay on the cutting edge of healthcare.

Seminars and Continuing Professional Education

HIRA hosts educational seminars at various industry events throughout the year. Members have a chance to hear industry leaders discuss trends in the marketplace that may in turn affect the representatives' businesses.

Lines Available

Manufacturers (either members or non-members) place lines available ads and these are emailed every Friday to all rep members.  They describe the product, specific which territories are open, and the markets they are trying to reach.  They also list the commission rate, and whether the line needs pioneering.  Reps then respond directly to the manufacturer if they feel that line would fit into their synergistic selling mix.

Reps list codes for the markets into which they sell, and manufacturers can search by territory or by market codes.  These ads are now archived in the “Members Only” section for one month.  This is an extremely valuable member benefit, with new information coming weekly.

Sales and Management Articles

Interesting and timely articles on sales and management techniques are replacing the written Communicator Newsletter. These will be archived and changed monthly. Feel free to download and share with your management team.

Specimen Contracts

HIRA has developed specimen contracts for various representation arrangements. These are available at no charge to all HIRA members.

Member Benefits

HIRA continually seeks to upgrade its various member benefits.

Legal Advice

HIRA has negotiated member discounts with an attorney who is very knowledgeable about manufacturers representatives business. They can provide expert access to members.

Certification Program

HIRA supports the Manufacturer's Representatives Educational Research Foundation, which sponsors the professional certification program: Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR). This designation is earned after intensive coursework over a three-year period. Numerous HIRA members have earned this prestigious designation.

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